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What is this madness - It's changed.

Posted 27 May 2016

Where did it go? Our old website has been removed...
WFC Old website from 2015Our old website on the left has now been turned off and our new website is the new “Home of Foam”. 

While our existing website did the job, we realised that better images, easier ordering and clearer discount structures leads to more sales and happier account customers. You can still order by email with Greg or Shirley and they can still take an order out on the road in the way that many of our customers are used to.
Customers used to the old website will see how much clearer the prices are on our new website and everyone gets an extra 5% for registering, with additional discount once your account has been cleared with our sales director. You have to be a trade wholesaler for the full discount.
We are also using a better courier with text alerts and a more accountable delivery history, one hour text notification for the customers and better access to our local hub for later delivery notice. All picking is done by our own staff with dedication to looking after all the packing with the care it deserves and we appreciate any feedback from our customers.

If you need any help, please do contact us .  If you would like to come and visit us here in Ipswich, you will need to book in advance but we would love to show you all of our products on the shelves.

I am here to help and you can email me or call me for help.

by Andy Proctor