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Your website - make it work better.

Posted 13 Jun 2016

Over the last few weeks, our account customers that order on-line have been re- registering with us on our new website. I have been clicking through, introducing myself and checking out our customers websites. I was very surprised at some basic issues that needed addressing with many of these  long established businesses websites.

People are issuing a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo type email address for the business, yet they have a website? If you have the website, you will be able to have as an email address. Well worth checking out with whomever does your website as it can be a very simple change and much better for those business cards, flyers and your image in general. We have an article here to help you address this yourself.

Having your address on your website will help you!Addresses.
I have been validating the postal address on the accounts as they sign up. When I click the contact us page on these websites, many of them don’t have an address with street, county and post code as text. This information is also missing from the footer (bottom) of the website. Having your full address not only gives confidence to people visiting your website that you have a physical presence and therefore more reputable, but also helps with Google searches. Do you have your address on your website?

Geo Location.
I have already written about this a few months back. You need to register your business if you have not already done so with Google Places for Business. It’s free and gets you on the top of the search engines for local people searching for what you do, in your area. It’s the red map pin that you see on Google.

I hope the above helps. You will see the results within a couple of months in your Google Analytics – OK, I can explain this another time and I will post it above in a few weeks!

Please sign up for our mailing list, to be given support and tips like these from time to time as well as discounted stock notifications. We are here to help our customers grow and registered customers can email me for support with your own websites.

Please do check out our article on Facebook for Business.

by Andy Proctor