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Facebook for business

Posted 27 Oct 2015

We all know that Facebook is great for business and free to use. The effort pays a return as long as people actually engage, recommend you or spend money. One of the great things is how it reminds people that you are a florist, when you might not have seen them for years.  “I forgot that you did that” is cringing when they have just made a purchase with someone else.  Without directly engaging with them, if they see what you do it reminds them for next time they are looking for your services.

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Some people don’t like crossing the work/social boundary. What if it looked professional and it was something to be proud of? I have over 1,700 ‘friends’ on Facebook and I make a point of promoting myself but I make sure it looks good, so people take it seriously.

When posting an on-line article, you need to have already copied the link (www bit and full line at the top of your browser) to what you want to shout about. In this case, your own Facebook business page, but could be your company website or good cause. Then before you start typing what you want to say, copy the link in to the Facebook message “What’s on your mind?” box, then the page will load below after a short while, then you delete the pasted link that you put in and the promotion will stay below.  You now have a clean blank box for your comments. Play with it, you can always delete or edit it afterwards.

If you want to make your page more attractive, try a tool called Canva. It’s free and has the sizes for your Facebook banner/cover already set out. Simply use the import tool to load in an image you have taken and maybe try adding some words over the top or your phone number. To load your new image hover over your business’s Facebook banner and change it to your new professional looking cover that you have made. Check out this great tool for all kinds of social media here

We hope this helps, make sure you link/post to your business on our Facebook page  Don't be hesitant in reminding your own circle of friends that you are great at what you do.  If they 'share it' then all of their friends see it too!

Click to see the business example used 



by Andy Proctor