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Website Hits 101

Posted 18 Aug 2015

Trade Wholesalers - helping our customers get found on-lineThis is a very short blog post, as the action you need to do if you've not already done it is actually quite simple.  Your business needs to be verified by Google to enable the best search possibility for what you offer.      

Go to the Google "Places for business" section and add your business. Google will then send you a post card from Holland, with a pin number for you to enter, to verify your business address.  This will then help you come up in the Google searches for your business details (even if your website is old!) You can of course add content and details about your business and what you do.

If you need any help, please do email Andy as we are keen to help our customers with their own website presence. Sign up to our mailing list for future support emails about your website and getting found on-line.

Do you have your personal email address on your business cards but have a this needs changing and we can help you with an article here.

by Andy Proctor