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Black Velvet bags from WFC - Part of our discounted stock.

3" x 4" Velvet Pouches

SKU SFM10-Black

10 Packets Of 5 Velvet Pouches Per Purchase, 5 Colours

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These are 3 inches x 4 inches velvet draw string bags packed in sleeves of 5 velvet bags on each single item purchase on our checkout.  This is a discounted item in perfect condition that we need to free up stock and space in the warehouse, hence being discounted on our store. Each purchase on your checkout is for a single sleeve of 5 bags in each sleeve. The minimum order is for 10 bags of 5, so 50 single velvet bags minimum order.

Available in White, Ivory, Black and Purple. Please see the Volume Pricing option above with discount for bulk purchases.

As With All Of Our Other In Stock Products, All Orders Placed Will Be Shipped The Next Working Day. 

Colour: Pink, Ivory, Purple, Black, White

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