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Red Mini Metal Rose Stem
Red Mini Metal Rose Bunch
Red Mini Metal Rose Stem
Red Mini Metal Rose Bunch

Mini Metal Rose with Hearts & Beads

SKU SFY17717-1-Red

12 Bunches Per Purchase, available in 3 colours

  • £20.16

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Short Description
Sold as packs of/singles for the price shown
Minimum Order one BAG/PACK (12 Bunches)

Size 9cm long
3cm wide, 5cm stem, 1cm rose head
Weight 27g per pack 
Colours as above specification.
Materials: Taped wire stem, with soft metal and plastic beads on a matching colour stem
These mini metal roses with hearts and beads come in a packet of 12, which are sold in large bags of 12 packets. Being such a small item so much detail is jumping out as soon as they hit the light! With a 5cm floral taped stem and 3cm of beads, hearts and 2 roses these make for such nifty crafty items. The largest rose has a head diameter of 1cm making the pick look really stylish. The small clear beads climbing up the spiral stem adds to the adventure of the product, making this small item really full of detail.

Colour: Red, Silver, Gold