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Fuchsia Acrylic Diamond Pick

Small Acrylic Diamond Pick

SKU SFM577-Fuchsia

1 Pack of 6 Bunches Per Purchase. 8 Colours Available.

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Beautifully hand crafted Acrylic diamond pick. This product comes in a range of many different colours. Each pick with 8 large diamonds, and 6 smaller ones. All sitting on silver wire stems, with matching silver tape wrapping the stems together. The picks sparkle in any light, the smaller coloured diamonds are darker than the larger diamonds.

The length of these picks are 20.5cm approx.
The length of the silver wrapped stem is 10cm.
The large heads are 2.5cm (25mm) long, whereas the small heads are 1.5cm (15mm) long. 
The width of the pick is 6cm.

Each product in stock is eligible for UK next day trade delivery. These acrylic diamond picks are sold in packets. 
Colour: Royal, Fuchsia, Teal, Purple