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WFCM6 Masks
WFCM6, Mask, Black
WFCM6, Mask, Black
WFCM6 Masks
WFCM6, Mask, Black
WFCM6, Mask, Black

3 x Masquerade Ball Masks - BUY 3 FOR THE PRICE OF 2!


3 Masks Per Purchase. 9 Colours Available.

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  • £2.58

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3 Masks Per Purchase

These budget masquerade ball masks are sent in single clear sleeves with the Euro Hook for shop floor placement and have a bar code printed on the sleeve for retail sales. We do not sell individual masks. Sold as packets of 3 masks for each single purchase in your basket.

Each masquerade ball mask has an elastic band on each side of the mask. The mask is 20cm wide and 12cm high. The mask is made of 1.1mm thick, coloured rugged plastic with glitter on the face and small plastic 2.2mm shiny colour-matched disks glued over the glitter to reflect the party lights. 

This is a great value, quality item available in  Blue, Red, Fuchsia, Purple, Black, Aqua, Orange, Silver and Turquoise with variations that need to be seen for each colour.

As With All Of Our Other In Stock Products, All Orders Placed Will Be Shipped The Next Working Day.

Colour: Red, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Silver, Black, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Orange